Signature Social Marketing Consulting is a team of digital marketing and social media experts who are passionate about helping business owners grow their business online using the power of social media.  We specialize in social media marketing strategies for budgets of all sizes from small business owners to national franchises. From corporate trainings to private coaching sessions, we provide our clients the relevant knowledge and cutting-edge tools they need to succeed in digital marketing and social media.

In other words, we help you develop a realistic digital marketing plan that you can put into action with measurable ROI.

Our company is founded on three core values: knowledge, direction and accountability. We focus on empowering our clients through these deliverables. Not only do we provide current and relevant information, we take our digital marketing consulting one step further by helping you to develop a strategy with implementation tactics for putting that knowledge into action. We want all of our clients to receive these core values which make up the Signature treatment.

our story:


Let me start by saying that I am not your typical entrepreneur. I did not start my own business at age 6. I did not dream of becoming the next Steve Jobs. My degree is not in business (it's Biology!). I am sharing this because I want to give hope to anyone who feels they cannot start their own business because they don't fit the stereotypical prototype . My story proves that is not true. The dots started to connect for me when I realized I consistently LOVED doing these 3 things: learning, teaching and empowering.

My professional background is the hospitality industry where I discovered my passion for digital marketing and social media. I enjoyed teaching my colleagues, co-workers and friends about the power of social media in growing their business. I immersed myself in the agency world in order to grow my digital marketing knowledge and skill set, but I was not getting the human connection that I yearned for in that environment.

In October 2013, I decided it was time to go out on my own as a Social Media Coach. Starting a business comes with many risks and challenges, but I know I have found my calling. I love empowering my clients with the knowledge and direction they need to succeed in the world of digital marketing and social media.

I look forward to continuing to grow our story, and I hope YOU will become part of that story as well!


Alex Cameron
Founder & CEO

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Our mission is simple: to help serious business owners leverage the power of digital marketing to close more sales and get more clients.



Picture us as your custom Google search engine for all things social media, blogging, search engine optimization & more. We are here to demystify the common misconceptions associated with these marketing labels and help guide you in the right direction on which platforms are best for your business’s success.


Should my business have a presence on every social media platform?  Is blogging valuable to my business? All of these are important questions that we will evaluate in detail to determine the best direction for the success of your business. We will create a custom digital marketing strategy for your business to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.


Knowledge and direction have no value if you are not held accountable for them. Once you are provided the knowledge and direction, we develop a custom strategy package for your business that includes goal mapping, implementation tactics, reporting methods, and a plan of action for achieving your social media and other digital marketing goals. Throughout our time together, we dedicate time to revisiting your marketing strategy to ensure your goals are being achieved.