Your Twitter Feed Doesn't Have to Struggle - How Variety Makes Things Memorable for Visitors


If you're struggling to come up with creative content, or you simply need to amp up your Twitter game as a business owner, the saying "variety is the spice of life," rings true. Whether you simply can't come up with your own ideas, or want to outdo your competition, there are ways in which you can improve your social media game in order to reestablish yourself as a leader. These are 7 such ways in which you can go about doing just that, and regaining your visitors'/ followers' interest. 

1. Poll Anyone? 

Doing research helps you improve all aspects of your business; so why not use your current followers to find out what they want to see on your Twitter feed? Use a 7 day poll (personal or business) so you can learn what followers want to see more of. Make sure your poll question is engaging and interesting (remember you are trying to recreate your feed and make it more interesting after all). Make it relevant, pertinent to your industry and something your followers actually want to engage in. 

Your poll should ask followers for their insight/ideas. Simply start a new tweet and use the poll icon. Remember, you have 140 characters to work with, so make the body of your tweet (the poll) intriguing and eye-catching. Click add poll when submitting your tweet; you can even cross-promote the poll via other social media channels to reach a broader demographic. Make sure to tweet the final results of the poll so followers know you actually listened to/cared about what they had to say. 

2. Go Live

Periscope (which is the live feature on Twitter) is a great interactive feature to use. Promote an event, host an event, and make sure to use relevant #hashtags" so visitors know what you are doing. Digital Citizenship Summit is a great example of using Periscope. They did a live, one day event in San Francisco and were trending in that local market for an entire day. More than 2300 visitors chimed in on the event. You can even embed the Periscope event in tweets, so more people have knowledge of it.

3. Link news on your site/company

When you use links, more people see the news, and it is more likely that re-tweets will follow. Share a link, image, Wordpress blog or anything else you want to promote. You can also include the link in the middle of your tweet (which has shown to result in about 26% more re-tweets). 

4. If a story is trending, chime in

Known as "news-jacking," businesses who weigh in and post their opinion about what is popular are gaining more headway on Twitter. Monitor trends (on the left side of your feed), so you can know what is hot and what people are talking about. Also pay attention to what's trending in your local area; this is what will really elicit people to re-tweet and read what you are posting. 

A great example was a Target store using the #MannequinChallenge from a CNN feed they read. CNN shared the tweet, and boom, millions of people saw it in an instant. 

5. Tag Influencers

Tag people or brands when producing premium content. This increases re-tweets and mentions. One example of this was Caleb Cousins who designs graphic tweets. By tagging influencers on Twitter, the idea was to have celebrities, or those with plenty of followers, to re-tweet and mention his tweet (i.e., more potential views). 

6. If you have a native video, post it

With the allotted 140 second time slot for native videos, you now have more time to engage your followers. Consider using a weekly/daily video, tips, or introduce new products to your followers. A regular video feature on Twitter is something followers will look forward to and will likely share. 

7. Regular video features from live events

The addition of videos to your tweets doesn't take away from your character use (120 characters per tweet), so you are basically rewarded for using this feature. Images should be sized accordingly when posting them (Pablo by Buffer or Canva are great tools for sizing help). 1024 X 512 pixels is the perfect size for tweets. Jeff Bullas is just one such example of a content creator using images to share his e book content. Why not do the same on your feed as a business owner? 


Although these aren't the only ways to increase visibility and engagement on your Twitter feed, it is a good starting point. These 7 tactics can help increase follower count, boost interaction and help you gain claim to new followers and a broader audience in no time.