Working On Your Social Media Campaign With Your Team: 5 Social Sharing Tools To Try Out


Your employees and team members are among the essential building blocks of your brand. In addition to this, they can also be an excellent resource for brand building- provided that they know how to share the right kinds of content that will reflect well on your establishment. Here are some of the best tools for the job:


Smarp - For Jumpstarting Employee Advocacy

Chances are, your employees are already using social media for lead generation or for building their own personal brands. They are more likely to look out for content related to their jobs and career that they could share with their own spheres of influence. This in turn, could provide a huge benefit to your business, albeit indirectly.

Here's where Smarp comes in. This tool makes it a whole lot easier for your employees to share content that is relevant to your field and niche. The content may either be your brand's own, or published by third-parties. All they have to do is to connect their social media accounts to their Smarp profiles, check out the team's feed, find content that is interesting to them, and then share away. Smarp also encourages your employees to engage and comment on the content from within the tool itself, to better build a sense of camaraderie among your team members. Even better, there's an award system of sorts wherein your employees can earn points through every invite and share that they make. These points they can then use to redeem prizes or to donate to a worthy cause. This kind of gamified points/ranking system encourages your team members to compete (in the spirit of healthy, friendly competition) against their own teammates and their own performances.


On the admin side, Smarp has a built-in analytics tool that allows you to monitor individual and team performances. The tool comes with your usual social media metrics like reach and post engagement, but Smarp introduces a new metric of its own called EMV (earned media value). This value measures the amount you would have paid for the same kind of social impact using native/traditional promoted content. From the analytics tool, you can identify the top influencers on your team and make tweaks to the rewards system as you see fit.


Anders Pink - For Content Curating

So now that you have a platform for the content that you want your employees to share- how do you go about finding those kind of content in the first place? Sure, you can use Google, but the whole thing can be a whole lot easier if you use Anders Pink.

From the same people who brought you BuzzSumo, comes Anders Pink. Anders Pink is a "content curation" platform. Basically, you'll just enter in the fields that you're interested in, and Anders Pink will instantly come up with a list of related content that has been consistently shared on your own network (you would have to link your Twitter account to the tool first) as well as other related articles and news from all around the web.


Inoreader - For Automatic Content Discovery

Anders Pink is great and all, but it's not really ideal for getting content from sites that you ALREADY know and trust. For this kind of automated content gathering, Inoreader is your best.

It works like this: Inoreader lets you specifically look for content that come from people you want to build relationships with (or those who tackle very specific and definite topics that you're interested in). Once you've subscribed to a feed, you can further set up rules for it so that you can have the service send you alerts to your email everytime there's a new article that pops up. Alternatively, you can get a desktop alert or have the alert sent through another third-party service.


Tribber - For Creating Social Sharing Communities

Tribber allows like-minded people to form into "tribes" and share their curated content with each other. Think of it as having an online interest club- you can make your own club depending on your interests and you can have other people to join your clubs.


Buffer - For Scheduling Content Delivery

Buffer allows users to share the posts that they want to share on pre-determined schedules. All the admin needs to do is to sign up the members under his team, choose which of the establishment's social networks he wants the members to have access to, and then let them schedule how and when their posts will be shared.