What is Influencer Marketing and Is It Important for My Business?


Influencer marketing is a common buzzword in the world of digital marketing, but what does it actually mean? More importantly, is it worth investing time into this type of marketing? Influencers are people within your industry who already have established trust with an audience. Influencer marketing is the process of identifying and building relationships with these influencers.

There is a common misconception that influencers are people like celebrities with millions of followers on social media. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to an influencer. A true influencer has more than a large following on social media; they have a loyal and engaged community who serve as brand advocates. Jay Baer says it perfectly: “True influence drives action, not just awareness.” You want to build relationships with influencers who can be evangelists for your brand and help spread the word to their community.

Why is influencer marketing important today? One of the reasons is due to the massive decline in organic reach. On platforms like Facebook, only 5-7% of your audience can see your organic (non-paid) posts. Bottom line is that fewer people are seeing what you post on social media. Enlisting the help of influencers to share your content is key to driving brand awareness.

Once you identify an influencer in your industry, how do you build valuable relationships with them? Find out by watching this video below where I reveal tips for providing value to influencers...