Top 5 Takeaways from the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report


Top 5 Takeaways from the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Every year, Social Media Examiner releases a social media marketing industry report to summarize how marketers are currently using social media and their future plans. They just released the 2017 report so of course, I instantly dived into the data rich content in order to evaluate the needs of today’s markers.

Luckily, you have access to this cheat sheet so you do not need to read through 49 pages of graphs, charts (77 to be exact!) and tiny font. I did all the hard work for you so you can focus on the major changes and priorities of the industry for 2017. This cheat sheet breaks down the 5 most important takeaways from this year’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report.


[For those of you who get super excited about marketing like me and would actually enjoy reading the entire report, I include the link to download the report at the end of this post. ;)]


Before we dive into the takeaways, it is important to understand the audience that was surveyed for this report. Here is a quick summary.


Survey Audience Demographics

Out of the 5,710 people that participated in this survey, most of them either worked for small businesses of 2-10 employees or were self-employed. Only 16% of the survey participants worked for businesses with 100+ employees. There was a larger B2C representation with 67% of participants focusing primarily on targeting consumers while only 33% were B2B. A majority of survey participants were between the age of 30 and 59, and 60% of participants were female.




Now that you have  accurate context on survey participants, here are the highlights from the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.


1. Facebook is STILL the most important social network for marketers by a long shot.

When asked which social media platform is most important to them, nearly ⅔ (62%) marketers chose Facebook. This should not be surprising to most marketers and business owners. Facebook is the OG (original gangster) of social media platforms, and they continue to be relevant and important. Due to it’s longevity and constant innovation, it’s not shocking that 94% marketers utilize Facebook. Twitter took second place followed by LinkedIn and then Instagram. Instagram jumped from 44% to 54% marketers utilizing this platform (more to come about Instagram).                         




2. Yes, Facebook is the most important platform, but most marketers do not think or do not know whether their Facebook marketing is effective.

Almost 60% of marketer either are unsure or they revealed their Facebook marketing is not working. Yikes! Where are all my fellow social media coaches and consultants to save the day? This is discouraging to say the least, but the good news is that 80% of marketers still want to learn more about Facebook. This finding emphasizes how important continuing education and professional development is for this industry.

Finally, 95% of marketers either don't know or have seen a decline in Facebook News Feed exposure over the last 12 months.




3. The top 2 benefits of social media marketing are increasing exposure and traffic.                   

88% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses. Increasing traffic was the second major benefit, with 78% reporting positive results. Can I get a Hallelujah that we no longer have to argue the value of social media?!?





4. More marketers than ever want to learn more about Instagram.

In 2016, 55% of marketers wanted learn more about Instagram. That number jumped to 71% in 2017 (reference chart above). Also, 63% plan on increasing their use of Instagram.



5. Visuals are the most common and important type of marketing, but that is going to change.                       

Visuals dominate content for this group of marketers, even over blogging. 85% of marketers use visual content in their marketing. However, 75% of marketers plan to increase the use of video in their marketing.





2017 revealed somewhat normal results with a couple of unique twists. Facebook once again dominates the world of social media in regards to use and education wanted. Unfortunately, a majority of a marketers do not understand how to measure the ROI of their efforts with Facebook and social media in general. However, they are craving education around this. Although visuals were the prominent form of content used by marketers, I think we are going to see more and more marketers experimenting with video and live video in both 2017 and 2018. Finally, Instagram is experiencing a growth spurt. More marketers are using and want to learn more about Instagram.


What did you think of the results? Did something surprise you? Do you agree with their predictions? Let us know in the comments below.

Click here to download the free 2017 Social Media Marketing Report.