CHEATSHEET: Top 10 Workshops at Social Media Marketing World 2017


Are you experiencing serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) from not attending Social Media Marketing World 2017 (#SMMW17), the largest social media conference in the world? Did you attend, but have no idea which were the best workshops you missed?  Do you want to know what strategies and platforms you need to be focusing on in 2017 and the future of social media marketing?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I present to you the Official #SMMW17 Cheat Sheet. Use this as your conference "cliff notes," packed with the key takeaways from the top 10 workshops (hand picked and watched by me!).



The Changing Role of Blogs in a Social Media Age
By: Darren Rowse

1. The biggest challenges for bloggers today are noise and distribution.

2. Blogs are still relevant for building authority & trust and driving traffic, but we need to adapt how and where we broadcast our blogs.

3. Any social media platform can be treated like a blog because that is where people are listening.

4. Blogs are no longer just about the text. Incorporate a variety of media i.e. infographics, video,embeddable content, etc.  to engage different learning styles and increase time on page.

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog
By: Syed Balkhi


1. Identify, Create, Promote, Retain

  • Identify your target audience.
  • Create the content they want.
  • Promote to share value.
  • Retain your most engaged readers.

2. Tools such as Google Keyword Analyzer & AnswerThePublic is a tool that tells you what exact keywords people are searching for (in the form of questions) to use as ideas for content.

3.There are 2 important rules for blogging: #1. Write for people, but with search engines in mind. #2. Leverage your network to create more valuable and shareable content (i.e. expert roundup,, guest bloggers, etc.)


How to Build a Facebook Marketing Funnel with Ads and More
By: Andrea Vahl

1. Set a goal for each piece of content. For example, an accurate metric when achieving awareness is reach.

2. The #1 biggest mistake with Facebook ads is not split testing. Split testing allows you to determine which feature of your ad is creating the best ROI for your ad. For example, you can split test different images or audiences to figure out what is working best.

3. Set up tracking in advance. Each link you share in an ad that takes the user to  your own content should be a Google UTM link to track activity on that page.


How to Creatively Use Facebook Video Ads to Grow Your Business
By Rick Mulready

1. The advantage of video ads is they provide an an engaging way to connect with your community which helps to increase awareness and conversion for your business. They add value in a way that images cannot because they allow you to tell a story that people can connect with or relate to.

2. 75% of video views are happening on mobile so you need to test different video sizes to maximize the experience.

3. Video Ad Best Practices

  • Figure out your goal before you advertise.
  • Get the viewer’s attention in the first -3-10 seconds.
  • Lead with value- pose a question or problem that speaks to what solution you are providing
  • Ads with captions yield increased engagement.

4. Move people along your sales funnel based on engagement. For example, Retarget the people who watched 50% of your video with special offer.

5. Get the most from your Facebook Live videos by encouraging sharing and then turning those videos into ads for increased awareness.

How To Use Social Media Analytics Tools for Better Results
By: Ian Cleary

1. You are likely to measure the following social media analytics:

  • Community Growth
  • Relevancy of Following
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Results of Traffic


2. It is important to understand who your audiences are on each social media platform to make sure they are relevant. (Recommended Tools:,, Facebook Ads Manager- Audience Insights)

3. It is crucial to understand what content is engaging and not engaging for your audience. (Recommended Tools:, Pinterest-,, Top Influencers-, Snapchat-

4. Google analytics will tell you which social media platforms are driving the most traffic to your website.


How to Create High Quality Videos with Your Smartphone
By: Justin Brown

1. Your rear camera on your phone is always higher quality than the front camera, and you can use a tool called Reflector 2 to wirelessly monitor your rear camera view on your laptop.

2. To stabilize and position your phone, use tools like a tripod, selfie sticks, books, etc. and always position your phone HORIZONTALLY. Also, you want to slightly look down at your camera lens to establish a position of power.

3. A wide angle lens can capture more of your backdrop and can make your room look bigger (beneficial for real estate).

4. Always light yourself first, and use what you have lying around (natural light or easy portable options).

5. Audio is more important than the video itself; you can use a variety of microphones: in-built, wired lapel, shotgun, & wireless)


How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business
By: Sue B. Zimmerman

1. Create a sense of exclusivity with Instagram Stories since they disappear after 24 hours.

2. Instagram stories can include multiple photos and videos that combine into a slideshow format.

3. Instagram Stories is NOT Snapchat- the audiences are different.

4. Your goal with Instagram Stories is viewer retention so make sure your content is interesting→ behind-the-scenes, how-to’s, grand openings, takeovers, blog snippets.

5. A good storyteller is real, truthful, emotional & easy to understand. Some great storytellers on Instagram are @chipdizard, @purely_elizabth, and @smexaminer.


How to Promote and Sell Using Live Video
By: Kim Garst


1. The path to profit starts with serving up valuable content.

2. Live video provides the opportunity to connect with your community in a REAL, authentic way.

3. Repurpose your live videos into blog posts, quote tiles & YouTube uploads.

4. Move your viewers to your list ASAP. The money and the relationship is in the list!

5. Share free content such as your checklists, blueprints, behind-the-scene moments, product demos & mini-trainings.


Snapchat Strategies for Marketing Your Business
By: Carlos Gil

1. Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18-34 year olds in the United States.

2. Snapchat is no longer the teenager’s playground. 77% of users are 18+ years old.

3. Snapchat is great for engaging with millennials and Generation Z.

4. Leverage your other social communities and influencers to drive traffic to your Snapchat account.

5. Keep stories between 2-3 minutes, and offer “flash” sales or exclusive discount codes.

How to Use Customer Service to Turn People Into Brand Advocates
By: Jay Baer

1. By 2020, a majority of purchases will be driven by customer experience.

2. Be faster, more human & more proactive than your customers expect.

3. Both your favorite customers and your haters (if you make them feel better!) can become your VIP evangelists.

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