Periscope or Blab? All You Need to Know about Live Video Streaming [INFOGRAPHIC]


Live video streaming apps are quickly becoming the new social media trend. It seems a new streaming app pops up everyday, and it’s hard to keep up with all of them. The two leaders in this new social media trend are Periscope and Blab. Which video streaming app is best for your business? More importantly, is it worth it to start exploring these apps? I answer these important questions and more below. I also included an infographic that compares the statistics and uses of Periscope and Blab to help you decide which live video streaming platform is best for you!


What is Periscope & Blab?

Periscope and (Blab for short) are both live video streaming platforms that allow users to host and attend video broadcasts on anything from industry conversations to political debates and VIP events. You can log-in to both platforms through your Twitter account. Both platforms are very interactive and include comment features during these live streams so you can talk to the hosts and other users. Both platforms provide valuable opportunities to build relationships with industry leaders and influencers.


What is the difference between Periscope & Blab?

Although both Periscope and Blab share a lot of similarities, there are some key differences that can help you decide which platform is best for your business. Periscope only permits 1 host for each video broadcast also known as a "scope", while Blab allows 2-4 hosts for each broadcast. What's fun about Blab is that any user can request to join a broadcast as a host. The original creator of the Blab can then choose to accept or deny your request. Scopes are only available for replay 24 hours after the original live stream, while Blab does not appear to have a time limit on their replay feature. Blab provides a more social casual setting by allowing multiple users to engage in a video chat. Businesses are leveraging Periscope to host live streams of product launches, VIP events and educational chats. If you are in the digital marketing industry, check out Kim Garst and Sue B. Zimmerman's scopes on how to leverage Periscope for your business.


Are these live video streaming platforms here to stay?

There are a lot of trends with social media, but I think it's safe to say that live video streaming is here to stay. Video streaming allow users to feel part of an exclusive experience without having to leave their office or homes.  Since both Periscope and Blab are still relatively new, this is great opportunity for businesses to start exploring these platforms now and build a loyal following with little to no competition.

Periscope is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play. is currently only available for iOS download.

Check out this Periscope Vs. Blab Infographic!


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