How To Step Up Your Facebook Video Marketing Campaign by Increasing Watch Times


Video content is a must if you want to maximize your Facebook marketing efforts. While video is probably one of the best ways to deliver your message as fast and as accurate as possible to your intended audience, there's still the question of viewership. How can your video reach people who are most likely to view it? How do you make your viewers stay around and watch your video all the way through?


1. Upload Your Video To Your Facebook Page's Video Library First

It's quite tempting to just upload your video directly into Facebook ad's system at the get-go, but try not to. It's much better if you upload your content to your page's video library first. If you want to upload a new video to your library, head on over to the Publishing Tools section and click on Upload. The rest of your video library can also be accessed on the same page.

For video content that is intended to be watched on mobile screens, the best aspect ratio to use is widescreen 1920 x 1080 px. Using this aspect ratio gives mobile users the choice to watch your video in landscape mode, which makes for a nicer viewing experience.

However, if you're into shorter micro videos (particularly those that are two minutes or below in length), square aspect ratios (e.g. 1080 x 1080) work better.


2. Focus On Your Video's Text and Thumbnail

After uploading your content, it's time to focus on other non-video components that have a huge effect on your video's watch time. These are the three "T's" namely text, tags, and thumbnail.

First up is the title. How you choose your title is up to you, but choose it very carefully. Make it engaging, fun, and attention-grabbing, but don't make it sound like it's another one of those annoying click-baity pieces. Just make sure that you add a description that accurately describes what the video is about and a call-to-action (CTA) at the end.

Next up is captions. It's important to note that Facebook autoplays video without sound; having captions ensures that your viewers will know what the video is about even if they don't bother to unmute the video. Facebook's algorithm also favors video with captions since it's easier for the system to analyze the video's content and show them to your intended audience. You can either create the captions on your own, or use a third-party service like Rev (which is a transcription company that can transcribe your videos for you).

Before uploading your video, you might also want to add tags. If you're sharing a video about healthy smoothies, you can consider using tags like #healthy #fitspiration #fitness #healthfood and the like because people using these tags are more likely to be interested in videos about health recipes such as yours.

And finally, you have the thumbnail. The thumbnail is a small image representation of your video. This is the first thing that people will see if they stumble upon your video in an ad or in a search result. Find a high quality image or screenshot that is representative of your video, then add a little bit of descriptive text to it. Just make sure that the text doesn't exceed 20% of the image's total space. Excessive text makes the thumbnail confusing and cover up the image itself.

If you want to make sure that you have just the right amount of text in your thumbnail, just go to Facebook Ads' Creative Hub, and use the Image Text Check tool.


3. Determine When Your Video Will Be Released

The easiest way to publish your video is to upload it directly as an ad. While the most convenient, unfortunately, it's not the most effective.

It's better if you schedule your video's release manually, preferably near or at the same time your ad campaign goes live. Not only does this make your video more "organic," it also gives you the benefit of being able to be the first to comment on it.

So, why is important for you to comment on your video first? It might not seem like much, but doing this one simple task can significantly increase click rates and watch times.

To schedule when your video will be released on your page, look at the blue Publish button next to your video, and click on the arrow next to it, and choose Schedule Post. Next you have to choose the time and date; you can also opt to have your video taken down at a specific date and time, which is especially useful if you're offering a time-sensitive promo. Once you have chosen a date and time, click on Schedule.


4. Get Started On Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Now that you have your video ready, it's time to start work on the ad campaign itself.

The Power Editor will be your friend when creating ads. Under the Campaign Objective, choose Video Views so that Facebook

will show your video to people who are most likely to watch it. Next you would have to specify your budget (again, this is dependent how far-reaching you want your campaign to be). When scheduling when your campaign, make sure that it goes live at exactly the same time your scheduled video will be published on your page.

Upon specifying the objectives, schedule, and budget, it's time to focus on the kinds of viewers you want your video to be shown to. Choose your demographic carefully by honing on the interests of your target audience, as well as other factors like age, gender, and location. You can also specify to restrict your ad according to a particular language, since there's no point showing your video to viewers who don't speak the same language as that featured in your video.

Choose Mobile Only for the placement. Since you're doing Facebook marketing, it's best to restrict your video to Facebook audiences by unchecking the Instagram and Audience Network platform placements.

Next, just choose your video, add a little bit of text (a description or a call-to-action), and then submit your video for review. All you need to do know is wait and watch as your views come rolling in.



Video is a great medium with which to convey your marketing messages. But a good video is nothing if you don't have the viewership above. Hopefully, the steps above can help you achieve excellent watch times and make your viewers stick around for more.