Top 5 Components to a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy


Do you want to be successful when it comes to your digital marketing efforts? We are positive that everyone answers YES to that question; yet all of us have witnessed some serious #fails in the world of digital marketing. So how do avoid those pitfalls? Well, it starts with a strategy, a specific game plan for achieving realistic goals. You read about the top 3 misconceptions of what a marketing strategy is not, so let's now focus on the necessary components for creating a successful digital marketing plan.

1. Simplicity:  Don’t set yourself up for failure by creating goals you know you can’t achieve. Be realistic about your time and resources and base your goals off that. Also, don’t try to create more than 2-3 goals, especially when you’re first starting out.  Simplicity is key.

2. Plan of Action: A specific and realistic plan of action is essential to implementing a successful marketing strategy.  For each goal, you should write out 2-3 action steps for achieving those goals. That’s right my fiends, it’s time to “walk the walk.”

3. Specificity: Specificity is key when creating goals for your digital marketing strategy. An example of a non-specific goal is : "Gain more Facebook likes to increase brand awareness." How many Facebook likes? What is the deadline for this goal? How will brand awareness be measured? A more specific goal is: "Gain 100 new Facebook likes by creating a Facebook ad that would target {Insert target audience}. This ad will run for one month or until goal of 100 likes is achieved."

4. Metrics: How are you going to measure your goals to ensure you are actually achieving them? Increased Facebook likes? Website clicks? It is crucial you have a metric system in place to monitor the progress of your goals.

5. Accountability: Whether it's through your marketing team or a trusted marketing consultant like Signature Social, it is important to revisit your goals on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure progress is being made.