10 Rules for Creating a Memorable Resume


My peers and friends are always asking me to look over their resumes which gave me the inspiration for this blog post. Most recruiters and HR professionals invest less than 2 minutes reviewing your resume. Want to grab your recruiter's attention? Follow these top 10 rules below to ensure your resume stands out from the rest of the huge paper stack on your recruiter's desk.


  1. The less text the better! Recruiters prefer to scan your resume so make it easier for them to do that. Use bullet points, bold text you want to stand out & incorporate numbers (See #4 below). 
  2. The ideal resume length is ONE page. 80% of recruiters do not read past your first page.
  3. Summarize your accomplishments, NOT your job description. Recruiters want to know what goals you achieved.
  4. QUANTIFY everything you can! Numbers stand out more than text on a resume.

    Ex: Managed the registration and exhibitor sales & customer service for a national conference of over 100 Exhibitors and 2,000 Attendees    
  5. Only include positions on your resume that are relevant to the industry/position you are applying for.
  6. If your past experience is not directly related to the industry you are applying for, take your current skills and apply them to the job/industry you applying to.
  7.  Do NOT include positions from > 10 years ago.
  8. Insert clean breaks in your resume to space out the text (i.e. subheadings).
  9. Use strong action verbs (Executed, Generated, Amplified, Launched, Expedited, etc.).
  10.  Always save your final resume as a PDF! PDFs preserve your original format. In other programs such as Microsoft Word, your format can change based on what version of Word that individual has.

What golden rules do you have when it comes to resume writing? Share your feedback in the comments below, and we may feature you in one of our upcoming blog posts.

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