4 LinkedIn Tools and Features You Should Be Using Right Now


Want better LinkedIn leads? Then you're in luck. LinkedIn is probably the only social network in the world today that actually encourages businesses to reach out to potential customers and partners by providing them with the right tools and resources.

Here are some of the best LinkedIn features that you need to take advantage of if you want better leads:


1. Your LinkedIn Summary

First impressions last, as that popular saying goes. This is basically what your LinkedIn summary is for. This is the space where you can explain what your brand is all about and what it means for your customers. Here is where you can say "I know and understand what you're looking for. Let me help you out."

With that said, your LinkedIn summary should contain a short yet concise statement about the things that you or your business can do. It should also give a short rundown of your experience in your field, as well as the achievements or awards that you have managed to accomplish in relation to your niche. This helps you set you up as a thought leader, one whose knowledge, skills, and experience provides value to your industry as a whole.

After you're done with the summary, include a call to action at the end. Some great call to action ideas include calling a specific phone number (to redeem a free consulting session or other), clicking a link to your website, or contacting you through your email account or other social network profiles. The call to action should make people want to reach out to you.


2. Your LinkedIn Feed and LinkedIn Publisher

The content that you share on LinkedIn should be related to the field that you want to be viewed as an expert on. If you're a graphic designer, you have to share content about graphic design like the newest trends in the field, new tools that graphic designers can use, and articles that relate to what you currently do.

You can share your own content (i.e. content that you yourself have written and published) through LinkedIn Publisher, or you can curate other people's content. If you're going to use curated content, make sure to look for authors who share similar viewpoints as you do, and whose work is something that your customers would want to see on their Feeds. And don't just share their content without saying anything yourself, you also need to add your opinion and commentary to the matter.

Sharing content on LinkedIn has two major benefits. First, it helps you establish your expertise in your chosen field. Second, it gives you an opportunity to engage with your audience, increasing your sphere of influence and making your brand look more personable and communicative.


3. LinkedIn's Conversation Starters

LinkedIn has a feature called Conversation Starters- which is exactly what it says on the tin. These are basically text snippets of "conversation starters" that you can use whenever you want to contact a prospective lead on the platform.

Now, these Conversation Starters are great and all (especially if you don't how to open up a conversation with someone you're just contacting for the first time), but it's best not to rely on the tool alone. You can use it as a guide when writing your messages. Your message should be personalized and unique to the person, based on what you know about them (or through the information that they have provided on their LinkedIn profiles).

In the LinkedIn mobile app, you can find Conversation Starters on the Compose Message screen. Select the person that you want to reach out to, tap on the light bulb, and choose the starter that you want to use.

Once you've selected a starter, you can start customizing your message. Add a closing message and send it off!


4. LinkedIn Notifications

Another new feature that debuted on LinkedIn recently is being notified about people's special occassions like work anniversaries and birthdays. If you find someone in your circle with an upcoming occasion coming up, better reach out and greet them!

You can view these upcoming occassions by clicking on the right hand corned of your LinkedIn dashboard. LinkedIn will allow you the option to "Say Congrats" to people with work anniversaries, and you can add your own message to the mix too. This is a great way to make yourself closer to your audience.