3 Proven Tricks to Optimize your Facebook Ads


If you are looking for cost-effective ways to reach your right audience on Facebook, capture their attention and get results, then you are in the right place. This article will give you three proven tools and techniques for refining your Facebook ad campaign. Larry Alton, a Social Media Examiner contributor, recommends the following three ways of improving your Facebook Ads. 


1. Gather demographic data that enlightens your audience. 

One major pitfall that most marketers do is to think their target audience is a huge group of people Although a large group of people can benefit from your product, you still need to be specific, meaning you need to narrow down your target market. Doing so makes it easy to sell your product. If you disregard narrowing down your market, then it means your message will be targeting no one in particular but a broad group of people.

For instance, if you are selling slow cookers and attempt to target everyone’ the best that you can do is to inform people about the convenience, features, and benefits of a slow cooker. In such a situation, you may make some sales but not much because your marketing campaign lacks some sense of buying motivation. However, by narrowing down your target audience to single working fathers, you can tell them how convenient it can be to prepare meals with ease while doing other tasks like picking kids up from school and coming home to find a ready meal. Wondering how you can do it? Here are few effective ways on how to narrow down your target market;

• Include gender on your Facebook checkout page. Understanding the gender of your audience is paramount. In fact, it is not unusual to have a market that is dominated by females, yet you still do direct marketing to males.

• Make use of third-party service to obtain demographic data about your mail list. For instance, you can forward a file of your export contacts to TowerData right from your Customer Relationship Management software. They will analyze your data based on your data sets and send you back a comprehensive demographic data on your contact list. It is an invaluable way of understanding your customers and improving your Facebook ad campaign. Moreover, you can also decide to receive information from TowerData depending on the data sets that are only appropriate to your product, service, campaign or business. 

However, in case your current ad is not yielding any positive results, then you may need to restructure your demographics to know if you missed something important in your niche. You may need to broaden your research on your target market to understand how you can customize your Facebook ads to suit your audience so that you can address them and their needs well. 


2. Use your demographic facts to design Facebook ads that speak directly to and capture your audiences’ attention.

The advantage with Facebook marketing is that it allows for quick scrolling, multitasking, and sprinkled thoughts because users absorb small bits of information from many news feeds in a short time. In an environment like this, the concentration of such users only spans for a short period until they meet a sparkly object that pops up. Therefore, the manner in which you capture your audiences’ attention determines their lifespan as your customers. However, if your ad strategy comprises of image and slogan pop-ups that are irrelevant to your business, then there are high chances that you won’t make many sales.

Here are ways you can design your Facebook ads to attract your target market;

  •  Generate offers that support your marketing goals

Some may decide to offer massive discounts for them to make sales. Consider a situation where you are advertising your coaching webinar priced at $397, and for a short time you offer a discount of $5, then most of your customers will be attracted as long as the offer lasts. However, if your strategy is to sell it for a whole month, then a $5 deal may not be appropriate. 

  • Highlight specific benefits that audience get by using your product

It helps emphasize the value in your ad. You also need to develop a long-term strategy that will attract audiences who are more likely to upgrade to a monthly plan. It is true that some people want value and not just a price cut. 

  • Personalize your piece and customize images to fit the preferences of your target market

Some would prefer using outrageous images to draw the attention of their audiences. However, creating an ad that speaks directly to your audience can do best.


3. Fragment clicks from your Facebook ads to measure your rate of conversion.

In case you are using a CRM software to track your clicks, then consider segmenting the visitors that come from Facebook ads. It helps to pinpoint whether they finally buy your product or not. Consider capturing leads from Facebook as it is easier and cheaper. Send visitors to your website and offer them value in exchange for their mailing addresses. 

Focus your marketing plan on engagement over an activity. If your aim is to have your team make updates daily at specific times, then that is a method of implementation and not a plan. A good Facebook marketing plan must include the reasons why and what you want to post. The best way to create a marketing plan is to extend your current marketing plan. In a nutshell, regardless of what you do across other social platforms both online and offline, consider crafting your Facebook marketing plan to integrate and match your overall marketing strategy. Tell a similar story in all your platforms. Remember that people are bright and may notice you.

When executing your Facebook marketing plan, come up with an engagement that creates active interaction between you and your customer. This can create a lasting impression resulting in an honest relationship. Remember that it is easy for one to Like and Share your content then forget it when they move to another eye-catchy story. However, by creating engagement, you can easily create a lasting connection that can make them coming back for more. 

In conclusion, narrowing down your target on Facebook can attract more interested audiences which translate to your success. When your marketing is specific, you are more likely to engage your prospects and customers because your content and ads are relevant to your audience and your niche at large.