3 Need-to-Know Social Media Marketing Updates in 2015

2015 has already brought HUGE changes in the world of digital marketing and social media. Here is the list of of the top 3 social media headlines and more importantly how they will impact your business in 2015. For more breaking social media news and updates, make sure to follow Signature Social on Twitter @TheSigSocial.

1. Buyable Pins

                    Image Source:  Pinterest for Business

                   Image Source: Pinterest for Business

Pinterest announced in June that they are launching buyable pins. Now shoppers can purchase directly from Pinterest without having to leave the platform. When shoppers spot a Pin with a blue price, they will know it’s buyable. Users can even swipe through different colors if there’s more than one option available. This is a major game changers for all eCommmerce businesses! Pinterest will not take a cut from your sales and you still get to handle shipping and customer service the way you always have. If your business uses Shopify, you can enable Buyable Pins in just a few clicks by logging into your account and simply adding the Pinterest channel. For all other integration, you can join the Pinterest waitlist here. 

2. Tweets on Google

                                      Image Source:  Twitter

                                     Image Source: Twitter

Tweets can now be seen in Google search results. May was the 1st month that users in the United States could search for topics and see relevant Tweets in their search results within the Google app (iOS and Android) and mobile web. For example, if you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with Lady Gaga, a quick search on Google will pull up her most recent Tweets. Or, if you’re a TV buff, a search for #GameofThrones will bring up the most relevant news and Tweets about the show. Now it is more important ever that your business is active on Twitter because your tweets are showing up in SERPs (search engine results page).


3. Facebook Changes its Algorithm... Again

It is no secret that Facebook is constantly making changes to its News Feed algorithm to ensure Facebook users are seeing what they want to see, when they want to see it. Before its most recent update, Facebook users could only filter out posts they did not want to see. With the introduction of See First, users can now choose which accounts, whether friends or followed Pages, they want to see first at the top of their News Feed.  Users can easily select “See First” under the Following button on the specific page. What does this mean for businesses using Facebook?  Make sure you are delivering content that your audience actually wants to see! Those businesses who provide quality content now have the opportunity to be seen first as decided by their followers.

What social media changes are you most excited or frustrated about? Share your opinion in the Comments Section below.

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