20 Tools of the Trade for the Smart Social Media Marketer


This is the 21st century. Editing photos, adding captions, proofreading copy- no matter what kind of task it is, there's bound to be an app or tool for it. 

With that said, here are some of the best tools of the trade that can help make your life easier as a social media marketer:


1. Workform 

Working from home is great and all but sometimes you really do need to spend some time outside of the house and into the strangely limiting yet comforting confines of a formal office. This is what Workform is for. It's a searchable database/social networking site that connects you to remote (co-)working spaces and the people who use them. You can specify the location, the Wifi speed, food and drink availability, whether the space is indoors or outdoors, public or private, and a whole lot of other options.


2. Narro 

Are you more of a podcast/audiobook listener than a book reader? If so, Narro is just the right app for you. It can convert text articles (and other textual content) into audio files so that you can easily listen to them on-the-go. It's available as a Chrome browser extension or as an iOS and Android app. 


3. Loom

Loom, just like the original weaving device that shares its name, is all about simplifying complicated processes and doing everything at half the time. Once, when you wanted to screen capture or record your screen, you would have to download a third party screen recording software, record your footage, upload it to a video sharing website (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo), and then send off the link to your viewers or coworkers. With Loom, it's much different- just click record, do your footage/ screen capture, and click stop. Loom will instantly store the video for you and give you the link to it in one go. You don't need to sign up for anything to view it. 


4. Newsfeed Burner

It does what it says on the tin: Newsfeed Burner "burns" your Facebook Newsfeed to prevent you from wasting your time scrolling through it. Once you've had it on your computer (it comes as a browser extension), just click on it and your Facebook Newsfeed (as well as your feeds on YouTube and LinkedIn) will vanish from sight. 


5. Reverb

If you're a fan of Amazon's Alexa (but not of the company's other products like the Amazon Echo), then Reverb is the app that you're looking for. This app replaces your device's native artificial intelligence app (e.g. Siri) and replaces it with Alexa. You can use it on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), Android smartphones, and Mac desktops. 


6. TwIM

Facebook has Facebook Messenger, and Twitter has TwIM. It strips down the site to only direct messages, and you'll only receive a notification whenever you receive a DM. 


7. TouchRetouch

Annoying strands of hair flying in front of your face? An unexpected photobomber? Utility lines destroying your view of the ocean? TouchRetouch can take care of all of these with just a soft touch of your finger. Just select the problematic area in your picture, and the app will then analyze the image and remove the offending object from your view. It might not work 100% of the time, but it's acceptable especially for those who don't know how to Photoshop. 


8. Just Good Copy

Just Good Copy provides the little extra writing push during those times when you really don't know what you're supposed to write. The way it works is simple: if you find yourself stuck on an email, just enter keywords related to the topic and type of email you're going to write (i.e. marketing, product feedback, thank you), and the site will instantly give you examples of emails from popular companies (Upwork, Trello, Evernote, etcetera) that are similar to what you have in mind. 


9. Markticle

It's an old-fashioned bookmark for the 21st century. With Markticle, you'll be able to bookmark online articles and blog posts, and mark exactly on the page where you've left off. It's available as an Android app and a Chrome extension. 


10. TabCloud

Chronic tab openers, rejoice! TabCloud keeps everything tidy and organized together in logical groups. For example, if you like having multiple social networking sites open, you can have the app set up so that you only need to click on one tab "group" to open all the sites at once. 


11. Write Behind

You can now easily recreate your favorite magazine front cover poses with Write Behind. The app basically lets you add text behind an object in a picture (like in glam magazine front covers). 


12. Skype PlugIn

Skype Plugin can help anyone make calls in just one click. This plugin basically gives you a Skype call link, which you could then insert into emails, calendar entries, and social media postings. So when you say "Michael call me (Skype call link here)" Michael can just click on the button to contact you without having to open the Skype app himself. 


13. Grids

Instagram's desktop version is pretty bland on its own, but Grid takes into a whole new league of its own. This stand-alone app for the iOS and Android allows you recreate the feel of browsing Instagram on a mobile device.


14. Ecamm Live

Those who are fond of using Facebook Live, will find Ecamm Live indispensable. This tool lets you add a few creative flourishes to your video (like graphic overlays, for example), as well as provide screen capture and screen sharing functions. 


15. Clips

Clips is very popular because of the little square videos that you can create with it, but there is more to the tool than just that. It's basically a stripped down iMovie editor with a whole lot of extras like filters and closed captioning features. 


16. Swipeable

Swipeable does only one thing and it does that thing quite well: it takes your panoramic or 360 degree photos and turns them into a carousel of pictures that you can display on your Instagram page. 


17. Storeo

Storeo is a must-have for those who are fond of Instagram stories. You can just record yourself in a regular video, and the app will chop the video into small 15-second parts that fits very well as an Instagram story. 


18. TinyMails 

Tiny Mails is one of those things that you don't think you need, but you really do? What the plugin does is simple- it just tells you the word count of whatever it is you're writing, and how long it will take for a reader to read through it. 


19. TodoBook

The Facebook Newsfeed can sap the productive life out of you. But ToDoBook is here to save the day. Instead of your usual Newsfeed, this Chrome plugin replaces it with a to-do list. 



IFTTT is like multi-tasking on steroids. It takes care of monotonous marketing tasks so you can focus on better things. For example, it can automatically change your Twitter profile photo every time you change you Facebook profile photo for your page.