Combining Facebook Ads and Direct Mail For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Facebook is a gold mine of data. If you want to reach out to people based on their likes, interests, and physical addresses, then Facebook is the way-to-go. This is the reason why anyone can create a highly effective mutichannel marketing campaign using the data you can get off Facebook as well as the old traditional marketing method of direct mail. Here's how:

Facebook Live 101 Checklist: Tools and Tips To Get You Started

When Facebook Live was officially introduced in April last year, it instantly became a game-changer. Livestreaming, used to be confined to dedicated streaming platforms like Twitch, has finally reached the mainstream. Anyone with a Facebook account can simply grab their phone and start their own live show without much ado or technical know-how.

However, social media marketers should conform to higher standards of production if they want their content to stand out. Here are the essential tools that you need if you want to take your Facebook Live game to the next level:

How to Set Your Facebook Ad Budget In 7 Easy Steps

You need to set a Facebook marketing budget and set a timeline to achieve your goals. Whether you have experience in the digital marketing or you are entirely new to the industry, setting budgets for Facebook ads can look like a guessing game. You don't want to spend a lot of money without getting the desired results. Here is a list of seven easy steps you need to follow to set a budget for your next Facebook ad campaign. 

3 Easy Tips for Social Media Marketing Success

Social media marketing is probably the best and most effective marketing form in this day and age. However, it can also be a double-edged sword. Do it right, and the whole world laughs with you. Do it wrong, and the world will laugh AT you. Sometimes, there's only a very thin and very brittle line that separates a good social media marketing strategy from a bad one. For example, making your ad too promotional will turn off and annoy a lot of people. However, if you make your ad stray away from the product or service you're selling, it will just look weird and uncomfortably strange. Here, we'll teach you some of the best ways how you can mold creativity and brand-selling into one cohesive whole.

Building LinkedIn Engagement Like a Pro

LinkedIn is a social networking site often misunderstood, overlooked, and ignored. This is probably due to the fact that a lot of online marketers aren't exactly sure what to do with it, oftentimes underutilizing most of the features and quirks that makes the site different from other "traditional" social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you want to learn how to boost engagement on LinkedIn the right way, better read on.

Which Social Media Should I Use?

When it comes to digital marketing, there are tons of different social networks to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. How do you know where to begin? Ask yourself these two questions...

Of course, you should be on all social media if possible and the expression you will often hear used in this regard is be everywhere. But if you had to choose just one social network, which would it be?

Using Social Networks to Drive Traffic to Your Offers

If you have a landing page or a squeeze page that is selling a product or collecting leads, then your business model will be simple: send as many people there as possible. The more people you can send to the page you just constructed to convert visitors into buyers, the greater your turnover and your profit will be.

Social media is a perfect tool for doing this but you need to use it correctly. Here's how...