Which Social Media Should I Use?

When it comes to digital marketing, there are tons of different social networks to choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. How do you know where to begin? Ask yourself these two questions...

Of course, you should be on all social media if possible and the expression you will often hear used in this regard is be everywhere. But if you had to choose just one social network, which would it be?

Using Social Networks to Drive Traffic to Your Offers

If you have a landing page or a squeeze page that is selling a product or collecting leads, then your business model will be simple: send as many people there as possible. The more people you can send to the page you just constructed to convert visitors into buyers, the greater your turnover and your profit will be.

Social media is a perfect tool for doing this but you need to use it correctly. Here's how...

3 Easy Ways to Measure Your Social Media Goals

When setting out to achieve anything as a marketer, it is always important to have some set goals. These will not only point you in the right direction but will also outline your trajectory allowing you to look at the small steps you need to take to get where you need to be. What's more, they also allow you to measure your progress and to see what's working and what isn't.
So how do you go about setting goals as a social media marketer? Let's break it down...

How to Write Posts That Will Get Read and Shared

Social media marketing and content marketing go hand-in-hand. In fact, a lot of your social media efforts will likely boil down to creating blog posts and articles and then sharing those with your audience. However, in order for your content to get read and shared, you need to ensure that you are approaching it in the right way and that you have the right idea about what works on Facebook and Twitter and what doesn't.

And by working, what we really mean is that you're creating content that will get shared and that will get read. Let's take a look at how you go about doing this:

How to Take Amazing Instagram Photos as a Digital Marketer

Instagram has recently grown to become even larger than Twitter. This clearly indicates what an amazing opportunity the site represents for marketers, particularly those with something very physical to sell.

But still you'll find that a lot of businesses are reluctant to invest much time or money into the site. Why is that? Often it comes down to confusion over what type of content they should be creating and what type of content does well on the site.