How To Step Up Your Facebook Video Marketing Campaign by Increasing Watch Times

Video content is a must if you want to maximize your Facebook marketing efforts. While video is probably one of the best ways to deliver your message as fast and as accurate as possible to your intended audience, there's still the question of viewership. How can your video reach people who are most likely to view it? How do you make your viewers stay around and watch your video all the way through?

Instagram Story Hacks for Social Media Marketers

While Instagram remains virtually unchanged from its humble origins as a quirky photo-sharing app from seven years ago, one interesting feature has made it a darling of creative social media influencers and marketers everywhere. This feature, called Stories (which was introduced in 2016), allows users to share photo and short video sequences that go away after 24 hours.

It might not sound like much, but everyone is using it, and Stories is definitely here to stay. If you want to learn how to step up your Instagram Stories game for your brand, better read on.

4 Steps To Repurposing A Blog's Content Into Social Media Updates

How do you create more exposure for your blog using the most cost-effective and result-driven methods?? Well, the good news is that social media platforms are always within your reach and can be transformed into a marketing ground using four simple strategies. Here is a step by step guide to making your blog posts seamlessly blend to your social media posts so you can tap into this rich mine and increase the exposure of your blog contents by gaining more views.

Getting Started with Organic Facebook Content and Paid Ads

Facebook marketing isn't as easy as it's hyped up to be. While it has the lion's share of the world's population of social network users, the saturation also means that it's getting harder for marketers to deliver their messages to their intended audiences.

However, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and soon you'll be able to maximize your reach on Facebook again. Here's how to get started: